Summer Naked Cake with Berries

9 May, 2015
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Although I’m not in the habit of posting new recipes during the weekends, today I must make an exception. You may know how much I enjoy making a special cake for each and every family birthdays. This year, however, my own birthday cake has taken a blissful detour as it has ended up posted in the fascinating Claudia&Julia’s blog (in Spanish).
naked_cake_frutos_rojos2When Claudia contacted me and told me about her plan, I couldn’t but join the project straight away. Did you say a naked cake loaded with luscious fruit? Who in their right mind would resist such a lure? Not even a second thought was needed.
naked_cake_frutos_rojos1Summertime, besides the obvious, is a fantastic time when it comes to fruit: berries, plums, cherries, apricots, loquats, peaches, water melon… And that scent… Isn’t it just ravishing?

And now let’s take all that gorgeous fruit and assemble a seriously sort of indecent cake; I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a special occasion. Actually, I am of the opinion that one does not need any excuses, special days or the like in order to indulge oneself if/when necessary. Well, this is my own, personal tribute today and, if you happen to be of the same opinion, let it be all yours too.
naked_cake_frutos_rojos0Thus, if you too do not need any special occasions to celebrate and really enjoy the good things in life, such as good, fresh fruit and cakes, do not fail to visit Claudia&Julia’s blog (in Spanish), where you will find the complete recipe, this beautiful cake stand by Birkmann and a few foolproof guidelines for successfully baking your cakes. See you there!

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