Hi there! My name is Rosa and I’d like to welcome you to this corner of mine which, even though it may look like a baking blog, is a sort of hotchpotch of my own self, a little bit of this and that, what in a way makes me who I am today. At least in part.

Rosa M Lillo {Pemberley Cup & Cakes}

It is a bit of my love for books and reading which, despite the fact that it covers a wide range of genres, periods, formats, and authors, more often than not, keeps coming back to the limited work but almost endless legacy of Jane Austen. Hence the name of this blog, among other things.

It is much of my penchant for writing and telling stories, two other activities that -more often than expected- I easily get carried away with along these pages (but not only…).

Sometimes it is but a reflection of my travels; sometimes a consequence, sometimes the cause.

Also, intertwined with the above is much of my passion for Anglo-Saxon languages, history and culture, an echo of my academic -and life- training and many times the reason behind my travels and texts.

It is also a bit of my inevitable dedication to photography. I had already stumbled upon this interest now and then in the past (who hasn’t nowadays?) but I must admit I’ve never taken the time to make it a real and solid skill. Still, this blog has given me the chance to learn more than I could have ever anticipated.

And, obviously, it is much of my irrevocable proneness to baking, especially sweet -though not exclusively-, and ideally traditional, British/US recipes. However, I also find it particularly fun to bake those Mantecados de Navidad and that Roscón de Reyes, to name a few, when the time comes. And yet, this baking frenzy of mine broke out relatively late in my life, but the moment it made its debut, it changed the course of events for good.

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”
-Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Nonetheless, if you are curious enough, you may enjoy finding out how that life-changing moment began to take shape; be sure to check my post about my forevermore beloved Blueberry muffins.

My profound love for rowing and for the sea stays out of this virtual space -and I must admit normally I am not one for getting into the water; I know, inexplicable. Both work in perfect harmony with my homeland, Alicante, Spain. Sometimes, I truly believe that had I grown up in a different place, far from the sea, this blog probably wouldn´t exist and I would be a totally different person. So in the end, it is actually a little bit of both as well.

And above all else is my family, without which I cannot image turning on the oven as well as every beat of my heart.

Without further ado, I take my leave. It is a real honour to have you here, so thank you very much in advance for your time and your interest. I hope you enjoy what you find.

Firma Rosa M Lillo

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all content on this blog (text, photographs, logo, etc.) has been created by me. Behind each word, each photo that I have shared here with you, there is a work as immense as, most of the time, invisible. Therefore, in case you felt like using some of the material you have found here to illustrate your own work in a way, I would very much appreciated if you played by the rules and respected my work; ask me for permission in advance and mention your source by linking to my blog. Thank you very much!