Although I find talking about myself quite a hard and intimidating task, I’ll try to start at the beginning. If there were any doubt, homemade baking is a passion of mine, especially traditional British as well as American baking. Either way, these cultural environments (with whom I’ve been keeping a stable relationship with for many, many years now, beyond professional and academic circumstances), they do have a long baking history. However, this interest hasn’t always been there, although everything points to the fact that when it showed up —a few years ago now— it came to stay. Even so, I do love to bake some traditionally common Spanish recipes too, such as Mantecados de Navidad and Roscón de Reyes (traditional Spanish Christmas recipes),  when the time comes.

Rosa M Lillo {Pemberley Cup & Cakes}

   When I first started writing this blog, my main aim was to bring this baking passion of mine to the Spanish reader and baking enthusiasts like me. But as time went by, more and more English speaking followers kept on asking me for the English translation of many a recipe. Thus, with the invaluable help of my dearest friend Zoe (I could never thank you enough, my gorgeous Zoe!), I put my mind —and soul— to translate the newest recipes. I hope that you find this new feature of the blog of your liking and enjoy it as much as I do.

   Still, this is just a hobby and as such I try to keep this blog. That is, I’m not an expert or a professional on the subject. I do not know all the answers either, and mostly I learn as I go along at the same time as I devour (metaphorically speaking) almost any commendable material that happens to drop in my lap. The recipes I publish here are the result of my personal experiences and they work for me just like I describe. As you could see, I try to express everything in full detail; I believe the success of a baking recipe lies mostly in accuracy, a thorough performance, and attention to detail —I’ve ruined many a recipe by choosing the wrong pan! In any case, I apologize in advance for any error, misunderstanding or senselessness, which I’m sure you’ll find a few.

   As for photography, which I love but find it to be one of the most difficult things around food blogging, I must say I just try to make sure that you get to see what I feel for each recipe. But I confess myself as almost totally unfamiliar with this subject. Thus, I hope you can overlook all the mistakes on this matter as well (or especially).

   And finally, in case there’s still someone out there who didn’t notice, literature is another passion of mine. So it’s quite possible you occasionally come across some comments about the last book I’ve read, my favorites, my want-to-read ones… I do not apologize here.

   I hope you enjoy this baking fascination with me as much as I do (or almost). Thank you very much for getting here (that’s quite an achievement). My name is Rosa and it’s my pleasure.

Firma Rosa M Lillo